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Skunk extermination tips

Skunk is an omnivorous mammal which means that they can consume both plants and animals, be it insects, rodents, earthworms, lizards, grubs, larvae, snakes, birds, salamanders, moles, frogs or even eggs. They also eat berries, roots, leaves, grasses, fungi, and nuts. They tend to thrive in abandoned areas, whether it is deserted buildings and uninhibited burrows. They also reside in deserts and forests. They have elongated bodies with minuscule legs that are muscular and long claws that are meant for digging. Even some of the skunks may carry a rabies virus. Skunks are infamous for having specific smells in their anal glands, which they use as a safeguarding weapon.

Before adopting an extermination method for skunks, you need to thoroughly understand and analyze its behavioral patterns so that you know which technique is required to employ. All possible deterrents are listed below to get rid of these smelly creatures.

Ammonia and pepper sprays play a vital role to repel skunks and various other wild animals. Make a spray with ammonia and pepper powder into a spray bottle and spray it on the areas where you’ve spotted traces of skunk. Make certain to spray it on targeted areas and restrict your pets and children from that area as its irritating smell might harm them.

Predator urine
this hack has been proved as THE BEST TECHNIQUE to keep skunks away from your property. All you are required to buy predator urine from the market and pour it over the areas where you have suspected skunks in your house. This is cheap yet the most effective method to deter skunks. They will make them helpless, thinking that their predator is nearby and will urge them to vacate your region.

Bright lights
In order to avert skunks to enter your boundary, you are required to put large and bright lights around your area for the reason that they are nocturnal.

Citrus peels
The most uncomplicated and inexpensive way to repel skunks is to make use of citrus peels, i.e., peels of lemon, orange, or grapefruit. You need to put down these peels around your boundary to keep them away.

Dishwashing detergent
Make a spray by combining dishwashing detergent with water and spray it around skunk prone areas to repel them.

The last way to exterminate skunks is to install traps where you have found traces of skunks. Carefully place traps around your area to confine them easily.

In addition to repellents, there are some tips and tricks below to eradicate skunks;

1. Get rid of old wooden logs, debris, or any other object that provides them shelter.
2. Make certain to eliminate every food source because skunks being omnivorous can literally devour any type of food.
3. Install a fence or wire mesh on the skunk susceptible areas to secure all openings.
4. Keep lids of your garbage cans tightly closed because trash bins are their major source for food.

Now, if you have failed to remove skunks from your property after trying every possible method, the last possible and lethal alternative to get rid of them is to kill them! Use a poison or get them shot professionally.

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